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About Our Process

The foundation of every successful project is a disciplined process built around expectations and crystal clear communication.  Impact’s commitment to the Stage Gate Process brings your product from concept to a tangible and physical part that has the form, fit and function you intended from the outset.

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Discovery & Scope of work

You know your business better than anyone, including us.  We undergo a thorough Research and Discovery phase to understand your specific needs and wants in a project.  Impact also uses this phase to get clear milestones in place for performance, compliance, cost and timing. The result of this Discovery phase, is to present you with a detailed Scope of Work that captures the development schedule, deliverables at each stage and any associated costs and investment on your part. 

Concept Development & Refinement

With a full understanding of your needs, Impact will develop initial concepts for your review and evaluation.  Our Engineering team has the skill and ability to design based on a blue sky/blank sheet approach or reverse engineer an existing part or product.  

Concept Development & Refinement
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Prototyping, Testing & Validation

By the time you invest in production tooling, there should be no doubt that your product will look and perform as designed.  At Impact, we have a variety of validation methods to give you the confidence in the design. Our FEA software (finite Element Analysis) allows us to test performance in a virtual manner prior to moving to prototype stage. One of the advantages of the thermoforming process, is the ability to make low cost wood pattern molds to physically review and test products. 

Project Management

Our Six Sigma Certified Project Managers will layout out a detailed schedule and Gantt chart identifying critical milestone dates and deliverables. Our experienced team has seen it all in terms of project hurdles and can help avoid any barriers to delivering your product on time.

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