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Custom Design

The foundation of every successful project is a disciplined process.


We have ability to design or reverse engineer an existing part or product.  


Manufacturing options and capabilities in both plastic and metal.

Industries We Serve

Specialty Waste & Recycling

With an adjacent business unit dealing primarily in the Waste & Recycling Industry, Impact has a long history creating custom solutions in Specialty Waste including organic waste transportation and an hybrid metal/plastic waste container.

Consumer Products

From Roof Cargo Boxes to Grills – Impact can make a part of your product or the entire finished good. 

Material Handling

Grocery, Restaurant and Automotive:  Impact has designed and manufactured material handling solutions for a variety of applications ranging from durable carts for food service to heavy-duty, metal encapsulated pallets for automotive parts to high capacity casters and wheels.

About Us

Whether it’s a blue sky concept or a new vision for an existing product, Impact’s team of dedicated Engineers can design a reliable, cost-effective solution to meet your cost target and timeline.  We use the latest CAD and simulation software to ensure your product meets specifications and test requirements before a tool is ever cut.  With an array of manufacturing capabilities in plastic and metal, Impact has the expertise to produce precise and reliable products.

Partners Served

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