Manufacturing Capabilities

Impact has a range of Manufacturing options and capabilities in both plastic and metal.  In plastic, we can thermoform, injection mold and compression mold.  In metal, we can cut, bend and weld a wide range of steel gauges.  In some cases, we marry metal and plastic with encapsulated steel for products that demand high load and stress capacities.  In the event, your project requires something out of our wheelhouse, we have a large network of trusted domestic and overseas partners.

Plastic Thermoforming

Thermoformed plastic is a reliable and low capital investment method of producing a quality product. Thermoformed molds are significantly less expensive than injection, blow molded and rotational tooling. Our experienced technicians and engineers can achieve equivalent rigidity and durability to injection and blow molded products.

  • Our Elgin, IL facility houses 3 MAAC Rotary Machines & MAAC Shuttle Machine
  • Encapsulated molding capabilities (Steel, aluminum, other)
  • Male and female tooling (Upper and lower platens up to 50” stroke)
  • Plastic sheet up to .500” (1/2” thickness)
  • Our own sheet extrusion capabilities.
Plastic Thermoforming
Injection & Compression Molding

Injection & Compression Molding

Our Hickory, NC facility is home to our injection molding and rubber compression molding machines.  This facility primarily makes wheeled products in both plastic and recycled rubber.

  • Twenty-six 200 ton compression molding machines.
  • Three 500 ton injection molding machines with 64 ounce shot size.
  • One 385 ton injection molding machine with 35 ounce shot size.

Metal Fabrication

Our Elgin Facility has a full range of metal fabrication capabilities from laser cutting, metal bending/folding and precision welding.  Due to the collective purchasing power across all Impact business units, we typically purchase steel at a highly competitive price to keep your costs down.

  • Piranha L510 Laser Cutting Machine for Precision Metal Sheet Cutting
  • Hoffstrate 3000 Automated Metal Bending/Folding Machine
  • Onsite Welding Capabilities with highly experienced welders and fabricators.
Men Welding Metal Fabrication

Domestic & Global Sourcing

If there is a product or part Impact cannot manufacture internally, we have a global network of trusted suppliers. We partner with manufacturers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe.  On average, Impact imports over 300 containers of goods into the U.S. annually to support our various business units.

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